Marketplace rules

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By registering and using website, you agree with the terms and conditions listed below.
Please read the terms and conditions carefully before using the website.
If you have any questions related to the terms and conditions of, please reach us through the Contact us page.


1. There are two types of designs that are sold in the marketplace:
    a. Once sold designs. After purchasing Once sold design, it is removed from the marketplace immediately and no one else can buy it.
    b. Multiple times sold designs. After purchasing Multiple times sold design, other members of can buy it and use it for commercial purposes.
2. offers refunds only for designs with spelling mistakes and designs with copyright or trademark violations. In any other case the refund for purchased designs is not possible.
3. Only registered users can buy and sell designs in the marketplace.
4. The prices of designs are set by sellers and not by the marketplace team.
5. All designs in the marketplace are reviewed by our team for copyright and trademark violations or spelling mistakes.
6. It is forbidden to sell the designs purchased on to other people, as well as to involve them to online or offline databases or directories.
7. It is allowed to use the designs purchased on for commercial purposes without quoting the author.


1. Only registered users with “Seller” account type can request a money withdrawal.
2. After crediting the account or getting a refund from a purchased design, buyers cannot request a money withdrawal. It is important to credit the account by the exact amount that the buyer is planning to spend.

Communication with sellers and buyers

1. When communicating with other registered users, it is forbidden to:
    a. Ask for their contact information
    b. Provide them with your contact information
    c. Offer your services outside of the marketplace
    d. Send advertising content
2. In case the rules listed in “Communication with sellers and buyers” section are violated, the account of the member will be blocked. The seller will not be able to withdraw earnings.

Uploading designs to the marketplace

1. By uploading a design, the seller confirms that the design does not violate copyright and trademark laws. In case of the violation of intellectual property rights, the seller takes any and all legal responsibility.

The violation of any of the rules listed above may result in losing access to the account. Users that are banned once will never be activated again, so think twice before violating rules! team keeps the right to update these terms and conditions or change them without any previous notice.